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Dynamics of Quantum matter

We explore non-equilibrium many-body dynamics in quantum systems that experience symmetry-breaking, topological, or jamming transitions. These systems encompass superconductors, charge-density wave, and magnetic materials.

Experimental Soft Matter Physics

The research is conducted within the “Light and Matter” research program. The interaction of light with matter is one of the most important fields of physics and optical processes are indispensable in many branches of modern industry.

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April 11, 2024
Dr. Dragan Mihailović, a leading researcher in the field of quantum systems at the Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS), has successfully won the third project of the European Research Council (ERC), HIMMS (High-Resolution ...
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Demonstration of viscous magneto-electric response in ferroelectric nematics just published in Advanced Functional Materials.

May 14, 2024

In the ferroelectric nematic phase, spontaneous polarization order is long-range, while the material retains fluidity which allows for changes in the soft electric polarization structure to be generated by material flow. In the paper just published in Advance Functional Materials, Peter Medle Rupnik and co-workers from the Department of Complex Matter at the Jožef Stefan Institute demonstrate direct viscous mechano-electric response for a room-temperature ferroelectric nematic material. Mechano-electric transduction is observed in the frequency range 1-200 Hz via a simple demonstrator device where the liquid is placed into a deformable container with electrodes. The electric current induced by both periodic and irregular actuation of the container is examined. The results show that the mechano-electric features of the material promise a considerable applicative perspective spanning from sensitive tactile sensors to energy harvesting devices.

You can read the article here: