Department of Complex Matter
Jamova cesta 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dynamics of Quantum matter

We explore non-equilibrium many-body dynamics in quantum systems that experience symmetry-breaking, topological, or jamming transitions. These systems encompass superconductors, charge-density wave, and magnetic materials.

Experimental Soft Matter Physics

The research is conducted within the “Light and Matter” research program. The interaction of light with matter is one of the most important fields of physics and optical processes are indispensable in many branches of modern industry.

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February 6, 2024
The absence of efficient light modulators for extreme ultraviolet - EUV and X-ray photons considerably limits their real-life application, particularly when even slight complexity of the beam patterns is required. In ...

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February 15, 2024 , 11:15 , Seminar Room for Physics

Darrick Chang (The Institute of Photonic Sciences (IFCO), Spain)   It is interesting to observe that all known optical materials have a refractive index that is of order unity at…

January 23, 2024 , 11:15 , Seminar room for physics (IJS main building)
Anton Khvalyuk Superconductors are characterized by appearance of a finite current density j = – 1/c \; \rho_S A in response to a locally homogeneous time-independent external vector potential A,…
January 11, 2024 , F5 seminar room
Prof. Zheng Vitto Han, Institute of Opto-Electronics, Shanxi University, Taiyuan, China In this talk, we will introduce a model system: synergetic interplay between two layers of 2D interacting interacted electronic…
January 4, 2024 , 14:00 , Kuščerjev seminar, Jadranska 19
Aleksey Lunkin, Landau Institute Moscow We study the out-of-time-order correlation function (OTOC) in a lattice extension of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) model with quadratic perturbations. The results obtained are valid for…
December 10 - 14, 2023 , Krvavec, Slovenia Complex Matter Department together with the Department of Theoretical Physics of IJS are organizing 12th Nonequilibrium Quantum Workshop. The event continues the tradition of bringing together experiment and theory…
December 5, 2023 , 11:15 , Seminar room for physics (JSI main building)

Dmitry E. Kiselov We develop a theory of superconducting pairing in low-density Strontium titanate based upon the idea of quadratic coupling of electron density to soft transverse optical phonons [1].…

November 17, 2023 , 14:00 , Kuščerjev seminar, Jadranska 19

Pavel Ostrovsky, Max Planck Insitute Stuttgart We study localization phenomena in an SNS junction with a disordered metallic wire as its normal part. Standard description of the Josephson effect in…

October 19, 2023 , 15:00 , Kuščerjev seminar, Jadranska 19

Vladimir Kravtsov A celebrated one-parameter scaling of “Gang of four” was a guiding paradigm in the field of Anderson localization for decades. It was shown  to work very well in…

October 16, 2023 , 16:15 , F1 (FMF), Jadranska 19

Anton Potočnik, IMEC Future quantum computers will not only be faster, but also able to solve problems that are inaccessible to classical computers. This includes cryptography, optimization and logistics, quantum…

October 10, 2023 , 15:00 , Kuščerjev seminar, Jadranska 19

Igor Poboiko We develop a theory of measurement-induced phase transitions (MIPT) for d-dimensional lattice free fermions subject to random projective measurements of local site occupation numbers. Our analytical approach is…